Thank you!

So this is it, the last post.

Thanks to the incredible people that make up the climbing community (and their friends), we’ve raised over $1200! I’m in touch with Cliff, and will get the donations to him asap. No doubt this will help with the medical bills, and hopefully keep him on his merry climbing way a little bit longer. If you would still like to contribute, you can find T-shirts still on sale at MPHC, but be quick about it! Well over half of them are gone 🙂

For now, once again everyone, thank you.

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Like all good broken-ankle parties, this one’s coming to an end.

It’s been a month since we started this blog for Cliff (currently in CO, I think), and like all good things, this too must come to an end.

So, I’m calling this Friday “The End of All Ends To End… Ending… For Donations…

Or, basically, come midnight-ish Friday, April 22nd, the donation buttons will disappear, and I will start the process to send the money you have all been so awesome to put together to our pink-casted friend. I’m sure it will go towards the extension of his trip, including, but not limited to: gas, food, plastic bags and rubber bands to keep the cast from getting wet, sharpie markers for well-wishers to use when writing on the aforementioned cast, a new pair of sanuks, a razor or three, and probably a travel-specific shower ball because, “they are amazing!”

All thanks to you.

I’ve said it a thousand times, and a thousand people have agreed with every proclamation. The climbing community is a phenomenal community. We take care of each other, and this is just one more example. Thanks to everyone for your support, both monetarily as well as in good vibes. I know Cliff appreciates it, and everyone involved has been incredible.

Also, one last note, Strong Toe, Weak Ankle T-shirts are on sale at MPHC.

They’re $20, and they’re awesome… like a billion hot dogs. Literally wearing one as I type (where do you think the pic came from? There were only 100 shirts made, and in 4 days half are already gone.

That’s it, for now, folks. Spread the word. T-shirts at MPHC, and donations available til Friday, April 22nd.


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Donations Extension!! (And Movie Night! And T-shirts! And! And! And!)

Today’s the day, April 2nd, the last day to donate!

…or, that was the plan.

The kind folks at MPHC, led by fearless rock climber/ungodly-freezing-temperature surfer/manager Bill have set up a movie night in Cliff’s honor, full on with a secretly-designed-and-awesome t-shirt available for purchase (at a very reasonable price, I would say), with all proceeds heading to our strong-toe buddy. (Seen below with a very fashionable pink cast.)

In recognition of this awesomeness, the obvious course of action is to extend the ability to make donations until after the event has taken place. For now, spread the word!

Movie Night, MPHC (10th and 43rd), April 14th (Thursday) at 9PM, $5 at the door. T-Shirts… nay, AWESOME T-shirts, on sale for our fleet-footed bouldering boy.

See you there!

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Keep Cliff Climbing!

Hey all!

As most of you know, Cliff’s been pinching his pennies forever to take this trip around the US.

Despite his ridonkulous one-arm pull up ability and meaty little sausage fingers,  he’s managed to go and mess up his ankle bad enough that the cost of his surgery is threatening to end his trip months and months ahead of schedule.

I’ma let you finish, but I think there are some of us out there who can help him cover some of the cost. If you can manage, donate a little bit to our fallen hero, and spread the word. I’m not planning at this stage to tell Cliff about this, but considering it’s a bit more serious than a special birthday present, I think it’s fine if he finds out… actually, I’ll be putting this up on FB, so, I guess he’ll know pretty soon anyway. (Hey Cliff! Stop falling!)

Some boring but important info:

– I’ll only keep the donations page available for 2 weeks (until 4/2/11). If the surgery’s gonna happen, it’s going to be soon, and chances are that those of us who can donate will have done so by then. After that, who knows, the climbing might be out, but the trip can continue.

– If you want to verify my identity (and if you don’t know me and question my intentions), you can contact me through wordpress, facebook, or find my other contact info at my website,



(if any of you out want to vouch for my identity, please leave a comment saying so. thanks! …and, sorry for the Kanye West meme… couldn’t help it.)

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